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Christopher P. Ross
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Christopher P. Ross, PhD
Texas Licensed Geophysicist #1648
AAPG Certified Geophysicist #43

Worldwide, target-specific seismic consulting services for advanced reservoir characterization and evaluation -- Argentina to Alaska, Southeast Asia to the Eastern Mediterranean.

Specializing in:

  • Predictive analytics for production metrics and reservoir characterization with supervised and unsupervised neural network inversions

  • Fracture density and anisotropic inference with directional GLCM texture techniques

  • 3D seismic overpressure studies for column height and seal integrity

  • Reservoir characterization with colored, acoustic impedance and simultaneous inversions

  • Prestack and post-stack seismic data conditioning for specialized applied geophysical studies

  • Exploration-focused geophysical studies with AVO modeling, attributes and analysis

  • Seismic Spectral Blueing for improved and calibrated bandwidth enhancement

  • Synthetic seismograms and correlation

  • Seismic interpretation

Cross QI works with SMT, Hampson-Russell, and dGB softwares.

Christopher P. Ross, PhD

215 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 118 office   505.989.4000
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501 mobile 505.216.6525 email



 Office: (505) 989-4000 email: Mobile: (505) 216-6525