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Contact Us                                        Christopher Ross                                  Neural Networks
                                                       Applied Geophysicist
     Cross QI has been providing clients better                                                          Cross QI advocates the use of supervised
     analysis and interpretation for decision                          Dr. Ross is currently             neural networks for classification or
     making with neural networks for nearly                            president of Cross QI, a          mapping of petrophysical data, creating
     20 years.                                                         quantitative interpretation       seismic output volumes that are calibrated
                                                                       consulting service                by well data. Here calibrated means “learned
     More accurate decisions can be made with                          company involved with             from logs,” which is ideal for risking and
     better integrated geophysical answers.                            leading-edge, applied             making drilling decisions for conventional or
     While individual seismic attributes can be        and integrated geophysical interpretation         unconventional resource plays.
     useful, supervised neural network answers         and analysis techniques for  exploration                                                             Quantitative interpretation
     using multiple seismic attributes trained         and development. For over 30 years he             Neural networks simply map or translate            for unconventional
     at known geologies with well logs yields          has managed, led, and worked as a team            one set of attributes to another. Multiple
     a more concise analysis for cost-effective        member for contractors and oil and gas            seismic attributes are trained and tested          resource plays
     decision making.                                  companies. His focus areas are, but not           with well logs to create meaningful
                                                       limited to, multi-attribute neural network        seismic rock property volumes (brittleness,        •  Drill Smarter - Exceed Expectations
     Work with Cross QI to improve your                inversions, seismic attributes, AVO               porosity, volume shale, etc.) for direct
     decisions and see how your development            modeling and analysis, acoustic impedance         interpretation. Unlike unsupervised neural         •  Classify geologies into meaningful facies
     program can benefit.                              inversion, geostatistical projects, and           networks that return “classified but
                                                       seismic over-pressure studies, which have         uncalibrated” data volumes, the MLP and            • Train the seismic to reveal
                                                       routinely improved drilling success rates,        PNN supervised neural networks employed               pertinent rock properties
                                                       reduced risk, and improved financial              by Cross QI address non-linear  problems
                                                       positions.                                        that result in geologically meaningful             • Quantitative interpretation answers for
                                                                                                         answers that are scored against well data                – Seismic facies classification
                                                       Dr. Ross’ comprehensive processing                and improve clarity in the subsurface.                   – Brittleness
                                                       and interpretation skills, coupled with                                                                    – TOC
                                                       a pragmatic problem-solving style in                                                                       – Porosity
                                                       geoscience and associated disciplines,                                                                     – Pressure and stress
                                                       have given him acute insight into                                                                          – Impedances (Zp & Zs)
                                                       effective selection of appropriate
                                                       applied technologies with integrated and                                                             • Approach log-scale results with
     Christopher P. Ross                               contemporary geoscience and engineering                                                                 sub-seismic sample rates and well logs
     215 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 118                     practices.                                                                                           •  High-grade drilling programs with fully
     Santa Fe, NM 87501                                                                                                                                        integrated petrophysics & seismic
     t 505.989.4000
     c 505.216.6525
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