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Christopher P. Ross, PhD
Texas Licensed Geophysicist #1648
AAPG Certified Geophysicist #43

Christopher P Ross

Work Experience Summary

Dr. Ross is currently president of Cross QI, a quantitative interpretation consulting service company involved with leading-edge, applied and integrated geophysical interpretation and analysis techniques for exploration and development. He has managed, led, and worked as a team member for contractors and oil and gas companies. His focus areas are, but not limited to, predictive analytics of production metrics for unconventional resources, seismic attributes, AVO modeling and analysis, acoustic impedance and simultaneous inversion, multi-attribute (neural network) inversion, azimuthal anisotropy and fracture detection, VSP, time-lapse (4D) monitoring, seismic overpressure prediction and geostatistical projects, which have routinely improved drilling success rates, reduced risk, and improved financial positions.

Dr. Ross' well-rounded processing and interpretation skills, coupled with a pragmatic problem-solving style in geoscience and associated disciplines has given him acute insight into effective selection of appropriate applied technologies with integrated and contemporary geoscience and engineering practices. We look forward to working with you! Contact us via email at

Work History

Cross Quantitative Interpretation, LP

Santa Fe, New Mexico (4/05-Present)


Worldwide Exploration & Exploitation Consulting


Newfield Exploration Co.

Houston, Texas (10/03-4/05)     

Geophysicist/Team Leader

Domestic and International Exploration


Occidental Permian, Ltd.

Houston, Texas (10/02-10/03)   

Geophysical Consultant

Domestic Exploration & Exploitation/International Consulting


Hampson-Russell Software (US)

Houston, Texas (3/98-10/02)     

Geoscience Project Manager, Americas

Domestic and International (US and Latin America) Consulting


Burlington Resources

Houston, Texas (3/97 - 3/98)      

Geophysical Advisor

Domestic and International Exploration and Production


PGS Tensor, Inc.

Houston, Texas (5/95 - 3/97)      


Reservoir Group / Technology Department


Oryx Energy Co.

Dallas, Texas (5/88 - 5/95)

Senior Geophysicist

Geophysical Technology / Seismic Reservoir Characterization


Schlumberger Well Services

Dallas; Atlanta; Lafayette (2/85 - 5/88)   

Division Geophysicist

Louisiana Inland / North Texas Division


Amoco Production Co.

New Orleans (4/82 - 2/85)           


Geophysical Technical Group / Coastal Exploration Division


PhD in Geophysics

Georgia Institute of Technology

March 1992


MS in Applied Physics

University of New Orleans

December 1984


BS Geophysics

Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

March 1982


 Office: (505) 989-4000 email: Mobile: (505) 216-6525