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Christopher P. Ross, PhD
Texas Licensed Geophysicist #1648
AAPG Certified Geophysicist #43


Cross QI was founded in 2005 to offer independent oil and gas companies the same state-of-the-art applied geophysical technologies that larger integrated energy companies use for risk reduction and reservoir characterization.

We specialize in pragmatic problem solving with applied and integrated geophysical approaches. We are honest and straight-forward in our interpretations, and are more than often positively impacting the bottom line, which our track-record supports.

Cross QI operates out of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and utilizes many of the most recent internet advances to service clients around the globe.

Target-specific, integrated seismic consulting services* specializing in:

  • Predictive analytics for production metrics and reservoir characterization with supervised and unsupervised neural network inversions

  • Fracture density and anisotropic inference with directional GLCM texture techniques

  • 3D seismic overpressure studies for column height and seal integrity

  • Reservoir characterization with colored, acoustic impedance and simultaneous inversions

  • Prestack and post-stack seismic data conditioning for specialized applied geophysical studies

  • Exploration-focused geophysical studies with AVO modeling, attributes and analysis

  • Seismic Spectral Blueing for improved and calibrated bandwidth enhancement

  • Synthetic seismograms and correlation

  • Seismic interpretation

*30 Years of geophysical problem solving.

 Office: (505) 989-4000 email: Mobile: (505) 216-6525