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Contact Us                                        Christopher Ross                                  Production Metric Analytics
                                                       Applied Geophysicist
     Cross QI has been giving clients better                                                             Cross QI advocates the use of predictive
     analysis and interpretation for risk and                          Dr. Ross is president of          analytics for creating production metric
     decision-making with predictive analytical                        Cross QI, a geoscience            models in unconventional shale reservoirs.
     modeling for nearly 20 years.                                     consulting service company        While most lateral wells drilled in various
                                                                       involved with quantitative        shale basins will be economical, some
     Integrated solutions involving multi-                             interpretation and analysis       wells will have higher yields or better
     team inputs from geology, seismic and                             techniques for exploration        performance than others due to variations in
     engineering can be directly translated into       and development. He has managed and               shale mineralogy. Successfully discriminating
     optimal business decisions. Coupled with          worked as a team member for contractors           future lateral wells with above type curve
     predictive analytical modeling, solutions are     and oil and gas companies. His focus areas are    performance from those with below-type
     reached with multiple wells simultaneously,       predictive analytics of production metrics for    performance is critical for financial planning     Predictive Analytics
     yielding a more concise model for cost-           unconventional resources, seismic attributes      and field development. To improve financial        for Production Metrics
     effective financial decision making.              and inversion, multi-attribute (neural            results, predictive analytics are utilized.
                                                       network) inversion, azimuthal anisotropy                                                             •  Drill better wells
     Work with Cross QI to improve your                and fracture detection, seismic overpressure      This involves techniques such as data mining,            – Create business intelligence
     business intelligence and see how your            prediction and geostatistical projects – all      statistics, machine learning and other                   – Exceed expectations
     development program can benefit.                  of which have routinely improved drilling         methodologies to determine inter-dataset
                                                       success rates, reduced risk, and improved         patterns and relationships, and to create a        •  Successfully discriminate future lateral
                                                       financial outcomes.                               predictive model for business decisions. It is        wells with above type curve performance
                                                                                                         a forward-looking methodology to enhance              from those with below type curve
                                                       Developing and refining innovative                predicted future outcomes (i.e. good, better          performance
                                                       techniques for pragmatic problem-solving          and best lateral locations) using multiple               –  Reduce guesswork
                                                       is par for the course for Dr. Ross, who has       weighted data sets. Production metric                    – Leverage financial funds
                                                       done this for decades with seismic analysis       analytics incorporates multi-attribute 3D                – Prioritize drilling programs
                                                       and neural network techniques, getting            data with production monitoring of lateral
                                                       effective answers for business decisions.         wells to build a model, which can be used          •  Choose the well locations with better
                                                                                                         to determine what intervals or benches will           financial impact for all commodity prices
                                                                                                         better perform within an unconventional
     Christopher P. Ross                                                                                 shale reservoir.                                   •  Optimize margins during early field
     215 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 118                                                                                                                             development stages
     Santa Fe, NM 87501
     t 505.989.4000                                                                                                                                         •  Integrate production information
     c 505.216.6525                                                                                                                                            with 3D seismic data
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